Gonzalo López Martí

started as an advertising creative in his hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina, with agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, TBWA and BBDO. In the late 90s he moved to New York’s Madison Avenue, to work for Young & Rubicam. Some two years later he got the call of the tropics and jumped ship to BBDO Miami. For the last 5 plus years he has held the position of Creative & Digital Director at SCPF America.

As creative head of SCPF America, Gonzalo has developed integrated campaigns for Coca-Cola, IKEA, Subway Restaurants, DHL, HSBC, Partnership for a Drug Free America and Big Brothers Big Sisters, among others. His work has been in the three Americas and Europe, in English, Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets.

For the last three years Gonzalo has been personally handling digital, social media and mobile initiatives for what Coca-Cola calls "multicultural US teens".

He has also been very involved in the Procter & Gamble Social Media Lab.
Politics? Well, how does a dozen or so election campaigns in México sound?

Some assorted links to Gonzalo’s work for your perusal:

The Coca-Cola Fanhancer campaign
(winner of the Coca-Cola North America Marketing Excellence Award 2010)
A crazy social media initiative our friends at the Procter & Gamble Social Media Lab never got around to funding: globalperiod.com
A YouTube compilation of the good, the bad & the ugly.
Coke World Cup stuff.
DHL Pan American campaign TV.
DHL Pan American print, poster, etc.
SCPF Solutions for the Modern American Life.
Look ma, I'm on Linkedin!
A personal website. An exercise in vanity I haven't touched in at least 7 years.
Who has a website these days anyway?